Nikoleta Kerinska

Nikoleta Kerinska (born 1972) is an European artist focusing on computer media art. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and computer graphics are at the center of her research, together with languages and their sounds and forms.


HMST - Human Machine Story Telling, (Installation, Virtual Reality), 2022

The Discreet Charm of Democracy

The Discreet Charm of Democracy, (Sound work, 9 min.), 2019

Dictionary of the Spaces

Dictionary of the Species, (drawing, monotype, photography), 2017-2019

An empty cloud

An empty cloud, (Installation), 2015-2016


Overlapping, (video art), 2015


CSS (media art), 2013-2015


LIA - Logos Image Automaton, (creative automaton), 2013-2015


Transit, (computer animation, 1'54"), 2006

Vertical Seas

Vertical Seas, (poem, computer graphics and computer animation), 2006


PixelsDance (experimental computer animation, 1'22"), 2005

Chica da Silva

Chica da Silva, (3D computer graphics), 2002